martedì 5 agosto 2014

ISTITUTO EUROPEO Music Department the Story (Stories make people closer)

ISTITUTO EUROPEO Music Department the Story

It all started many years ago, in 1991, from a demand of some European students from Austria, Germany, France, etc. who used to come to Florence to study Italian - “la dolce lingua del sì.” Many of them were Musicians, and while staying here they constantly needed to practice their vocal skills and instruments.

It happened in this simple and a bit old fashioned way that the ISTITUTO EUROPEO Music Department began its story.

ISTITUTO EUROPEO’s reputation is now well known for its flexibility and its capability to adapt to new market changes. We hold tremendous interest in understanding markets that never cease to fluctuate around the world and constantly undermine any attempt to classify and categorize trends and changes.

Throughout the years we have also welcomed many students from American universities for the Study Abroad Program. We produced an International Singing Competition staging famous Operas. We held concerts in historical churches and palaces of Florence.

In the end, we were able to set up a perfect mechanism to teach singing.

For this reason we believe that when you think of the ISTITUTO EUROPEO Music Department, you have to think of a perfect product. We have confidence in our program and can dare say that our method is one worth learning!

ISTITUTO EUROPEO Music Department a method of Excellence

Today our Music Department, led by Director Monica Benvenuti, has become a win-win situation. We created a product of success for your success. Every time you leave the classroom after your tailor-made lesson, you can feel and measure the results and benefits you receive from this one-on-one attention.

ISTITUTO EUROPEO Music Department’s brand has now become synonymous with quality. When you buy our lessons, you buy quality. The ISTITUTO EUROPEO Music Department provides students with a method of Excellence.