martedì 29 maggio 2018

Learn Italian and Opera in Florence

Foto via Sbrojavacca

Florence cradle of art, mother of the Italian language, home of the Opera…
E come 'l volger del ciel de la luna
cuopre e discuopre i liti sanza posa,
così fa di Fiorenza la Fortuna

And even as the heaven of the moon,
revolving, respiteless, conceals and then
reveals the shores, so Fortune does with Florence

(Dante Alighieri)

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martedì 15 maggio 2018

Music soundtrack composition in Florence - Italy at Istituto Europeo

In two weeks we will teach you how to compose music for videos and films.
Ideal for students who are looking to develop their understanding and knowledge of this specialist field.
Over the two weeks course you cover:
- What film music can do
- Finding the right music for your project
- Be able to identify the most effective music to use with your footage
And much more…

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