giovedì 21 marzo 2013

Yiruma: Talented young pianist from South Korea

Article prepared by Katarzyna Drossel at ISTITUTO EUROPEO.

Talented young pianist from South Korea

Yiruma is well known pianist and composer from South Korea.  He was born in 1978.  Yiruma that is a stage name of Lee Ru-ma.  His most popular songs are ‘River flows in you’, ‘Kiss the rain’ and ‘May be’.  ‘First love’ is the most popular Yiruma’s album which has been released in 2001. 

He started his adventure with piano in age of 5.  When he was 11 he moved to London where he studied at Purcell School of Music.  After graduation  from Purcell School of Music he continued his education at King’s College London In June 2000. 

Yiruma is popular amongst people who do not listen classic music on daily basis.  That is why sometimes his music style can be named as ‘new classical’ or ‘contemporary classical’.  He is considered a World Music or New Age artist by iTunes Store.

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