giovedì 14 marzo 2013

Polish History of Opera

Days are passing by when I am on internship at ISTITUTO EUROPEO  Most of the time in here I spend on searching interesting facts which are connected with Poland and Florence.  During my visit in Florence I had find out how opera had started in my home country - Poland.  Here I am posting some facts about this.  Article prepared by Katarzyna Drossel.

Polish and Florentine monarchs had great diplomatic relations between each others.  They stayed often in close contacts because Habsburgs who ruled in Florence at that time has been related to polish royal family. In 1625 prince Wladyslaw Waza (in later years he became king of Poland) had his wedding in Florence.  During the wedding ceremonies in honour of the polish prince was performed rappresentazione sacra ‘‘La regina Santa’Orsola’’ and opera performance of a very famous singer and composer Francesca Caccini ‘‘La liberazione di Ruggiero dall’isola d’Alcina’’.  3 years later a libretto of this opera was translated into polish and performed in Krakow by S. Jagodynski.  Those events which happened in Florence determined beginnings of opera in Poland.

Until yesterday I did not know anything bout relations between polish opera and Florence every minute I learn here new stuff which I enjoy.  I hope you liked it as much as I did. :)


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