giovedì 14 marzo 2013

Famous Polish Opera Singer

Getting know more and more about opera every time when I am doing my internship at ISTITUTO EUROPEO  This time I have found some facts about Jan Kiepura who was well known polish opera singer.  Article prepared by Katarzyna Drossel.

J. W. Kiepura was one of the most famous polish opera singer (tenor) in the XX century.  He was born in 1902 and died at the age of 64 in 1966.  His adventure with singing started in early age when he was a member of the school choir.  He studied law at the University of Warsaw.  He learned how to sing from Waclaw Brzezinski and Tadeusz Leliwa.  He was great opera singer as well as a movie star.  He played in 12 musicals.  Jan Kiepura's concerts were held in places like ie. Opera Convert Garden in London, Opera Comique in Paris and National Opera in Berlin.

He traveled around the world giving concerts in many places.  During his visit in Vienna Jan supposed to replace one of the singers who was ill at that time.  Kiepura could not sing in Italian but he admitted in front of F. Schalk that he can.  His performance was so amazing and audience was so excited that they did not even notice when Kiepura started singing in Polish instead of Italian.

He passed away in Harrison in New York from heart attack.  Until last days of his life Kiepura was active as a singer.

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