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Study music at ISTITUTO EUROPEO: Fabio Binarelli, a full spectrum teacher and artist

Fabio Binarelli
 by Ilaria Gelichi

1) Fabio you are a “full spectrum” musician. Why this need to range in many different sectors?

What moves me is pure passion. It inspires me to try different paths, to be curious. I always try to improve myself through new experiences that can enrich my knowledge. 
2) Even as a teacher you are multifaceted: you teach guitar, history of music and opera, librettos, theory, harmonics, composition… Both in Italian and English. What does teaching mean to you? Which is the best aspect of this job? Which activity do you prefer most?

It’s a privilege to be able to transmit my knowledge to people, as others have done with me before. It’s very gratifying to see that spark igniting in them because they have found an answer, or have discovered a new concept, or have come up with a new idea. I myself am constantly enriched, through dialogue and discussion with students.

3) How do you see the Italian music scene? Are there talents worthy of being reported?

There is a lot of talent, which sometimes is hidden. There are musicians, singers, bands and composers with an excellent preparation; they cannot always be compared to household names – maybe because of their less commercial repertoire – but their fans follow them anyway. On the contrary, I think that “bigs” – who are conformed to meet the demands of industry and the taste of the masses – are far less interesting.

4) What does it mean being a musician in Florence?

On one hand, it means working in a small city, with small spaces, which often cares more for appearance than for culture. On the other hand, it’s a great privilege - as who lives abroad, appreciates and actively participate to the cultural ferment of this unique city may know well.

5) Tell us which is the difference between making music in Italy or abroad. Do you think there are some countries which could teach Italy a direction in terms of musical creativity?

I believe that the great difference is in the system: Italians are not less creative or talented. What lacks is an efficient and widespread organization, made of head hunters, promoters, record labels and agencies – who can widen their range of perspectives and not just working with successful musicians. In the “music business” Italy is definitely uncompetitive and this leads to a greater diffusion of foreign music – mostly in English.

6) Tell us a story about your career as a musician and teacher.

I have a new one every time I go to play! The most recent: one Sunday at the beginning of September I received a phone call. I was asked to leave for northern Italy the day after and substitute the guitarist of a band who would had to participate in a TV show but was injured. So I moved my schedules, prepared 15 pieces of music and on Monday morning I met for the first time the other members on the motorway at the service area Firenze Nord. Result: 2 beautiful days in Trentino-Alto Adige full of music, excellent food and good air!

7) Plans for the future?

Besides teaching, I’m very busy with concerts: the season 2013-2014 will be very intense and I hope it will bring a lot of satisfaction. I have also composed a lot of music, which I’d like to record and publish someday.

8) Any advice for a young person who wishes to start a career as a singer or music teacher?

There are no shortcuts in this field: studying and preparing oneself with professionalism and discipline is essential. You shouldn’t be afraid to follow your passions, even when they lead you to change your way. If you follow your head and heart, music will go along with you and make you grow – making you face new challenges and giving you new emotions every time.

9) How is your teaching experience at ISTITUTO EUROPEO?

Very positive. Everything is managed with high professionalism, following international standards. For a teacher, this means to be able to focus in the best way on the lesson, without being stressed with the organization and management. Besides this, all the people I have encountered so far have been very friendly, helpful and prepared to clarify any of my doubts.

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